All your medications in one place

Easily track your current and past medications with MyMedPic Lists

Keep track of not only your current list, but also keep old lists easily available, so you (and your doctor) can remember what you had tried in the past !

Snap a picture and add a label

MyMedPic easily guides you in taking a quick picture with your smartphone, tablet or Ipad, so you see all your medications easily by scrolling left and right with your finger! (if you want to type in your list, you can do this also without taking pictures.)

Track allergies and adverse reactions

Do you know your allergies? How about your kids AND your spouse AND your parent’s AND your in-law’s allergies? Keep ALL of them at your fingertips so you have them quickly when you get that call from an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care that your loved one is there and they need information quickly!

Create a free account today!


With the free account version, you can make 1 MyMedPic medication list and 1 MyMedPic allergy list. You can edit, update, and archive these lists as often as you like without any cost. (There will be some advertisements in the free version which cover the expenses of maintaining the free version.) The paid subscription has an unlimited number of MyMedPic medication lists and allergy lists with other perks and NO ADS.

Your information is securely stored in the cloud, not on your phone, so you do not have to worry about loss of your phone resulting in loss of your data. See our privacy policy for further details.

Although many apps let you manually type in your meds or are attached to your electronic health record, MyMedPic is the first and only (at this time) app that does what it does- lets you quickly snap MyMedPic pictures of and maintain current medication lists and allergies quickly, easily, and safely.